Professionals you can rely on
As your highly experienced and accountable partner, CLM consistently challenges accepted standards to improve service and tangible value. With trust in our proven competence, we push the boundaries without compromising standards and pride ourselves on being small enough to be readily responsive, yet large enough to deliver.

Flexibility and efficiency come as standard
At CLM, we strive to understand our clients’ expectations and requirements, and build genuine relationships which allow us to offer a personal touch. That means, when you entrust CLM, you’ll find us both versatile and adaptable. We can offer non-standard compliant solutions to improve programme efficiency and affordability. Moreover, we embrace new technology and advances in design to improve our capabilities.

Our tireless campaign: the perfect product for each project
As well as the supply and installation of passive fire protection incorporating spray, board and intumescent systems, CLM, as specialist contractors, provide a valuable design and specification service. Using this service, CLM is able to offer alternative specifications, which can result in financial savings, overcome technical issues and reduce programme periods.