Inner strength

Structural fire protection is paramount to the fire safety of a building, both in terms of saving lives and protecting the building. It ensures the building will not collapse for a period of time in the event of a fire, giving occupants time to evacuate and the fire brigade time to extinguish. Ultimately, it also reduces the rebuilding costs of a fire-damaged building.

CLM offers three main systems to fire-protect a building:

• Intumescent coatings
• Board
• Spray

Intumescent coatings
Intumescent coatings to structural steelwork provide up to two hours’ fire protection and can be used in non- and highly decorative areas. CLM is able to offer a full range to suit any environmental condition.

Board system
CLM is able to offer a full range of board systems to achieve up to four hours’ fire rating to structural steelwork. The range varies from inexpensive mineral fibre-boards, suitable for non-decorative areas, up to highly decorative board- and casing systems.

Spray system
The spray system can offer up to four hours’ fire protection to the frame and is generally used in non-decorative areas.